Company Profile

Super VU International, pioneers in India for projection TV since 1978, is owned by Mr Suresh Kumar Garg, a science graduate with aptitude for optics and related products. He is responsible for over a dozen of firsts in India including the nation’s first 35mm camera made 30 years back.

Super VU developed "First time in India" exclusive large size concave mirror collimation display system for road driving simulator for Indian army and flying simulator of India's pride Tejas Light Combat Aircraft (L. C. A.) and many other classified optical systems for defence wing.

Winner of many prestigious awards, Super Vu now offers an exclusive range of day light (both indoor and outdoor) displays, even sunlight visible displays first time in India. We now offer very latest LCD/DLP multimedia projectors.

1. Wireless adaptor, pc less solution, portable visualisers, replacement lamps for most projectors. Shortly we will be offering high resolution projection cubes and touch screen large projection displays in India.

2. Media Vision: Just imagine a powerful multimedia large screen centre on wheels. A ruggedstandalonedesign for every application from show rooms, large drawing rooms as home theatre, halls, exhibition, trade fairs, lobbies, corporate presentations, simulators, command and control centres, plant control centres with endless application.

This can even be provided with write on surface, if required, option of interactive multimedia screen surface. Using touch pad this can be converted into powerful kiosk, not seen anywhere, suitable for Museums, Shopping Malls, Automotive and property dealers etc. To meet very diverse market requirements these are offered in three large size rear projection screens i.e., 60", 67"and 72" diagonal with choice of resolution and gain factors. In standard high gain screen even larger size can be provided for heavy traffic public place like Railway Station, Airport lobbies, Stock Exchange, Exhibition halls, Museums and large automotive showrooms as complete info-centre. With 60" screen the cabinet can pass through most standard doors.