The ultimate advertising system for rural marketing of agro-based products like fertilisers, chemicals and seeds Super VU is also into family planning, aids campaign, health care and so many other mass consumption products which require awareness at doorsteps. At present mobile video vans can only be used after 07:00 PM and can not be used after 09:00 PM due to programming of many popular television channels.

We offer a unique concept of daylight Video Van, which is visible even in full sunlight conditions. Most villages have weekly-fair like market on rotation basis, where all adjacent village folks get together for their marketing. And exactly there our D aylight Video Van can catch their vision and full attention. One can have full interaction with them, who are considered to be the target customer base.

Using latest high lumens video projector with high gain Intensaa screen daylight, outdoor projection is made possible by us. Any existing van or vehicle with back (door) opening can be easily converted into a daylight video van without any major modification. screen sizes available from 60" Dgnl. onwards.

Actual day light photo graph taken in remote village