Super Vu International offers to market first time in India giant 100", a system that supports all video signals, data resolutions (depending on supplied projector), audio system and can be made with touch sensitive surface for interactive presentation directly from the screen surface.

With various options to upgrade anytime (in future too) like choice of daylight high gain or high contrast screens, LCD/DLP projectors, indoor/outdoor application, standalone or in wall installation can be made to run for 24 x 7 applications for daylight displays (with no burn-in effect), can be made touch sensitive surface for interactive presentation with electronically writing making it world’s largest interactive projective TV, now available in India.

Basic unit comprises fully moulded housing fitted with rigid rear projection screen with overall size of 84" ht, 104" width and 42 (+) depth, fitted with four high quality speakers on both sides of screen providing matching amplified sound. the screen has widest viewing angle both horizontally and vertically thus making it highly effective for large public gathering places (those imported projection TVs available in the market have very narrow viewing angle like 60 degrees horizontal and just 10 degrees vertical). LCD projector (high definition compatible) with 2 data and 3 different video inputs thus allowing various inputs which can be changed over from data to video using supplied remote control. the large screen size is 25 times bigger than normal 20" TV and 3 times bigger than 60” plasma display but available at most competitive price. This huge TV (will pass through most standard doors in unassembled condition) has to be assembled at location by our trained technicians.

Compare the size, Compare the price.