60" Multimedia Projection Dispalys ( Unique world's first low cost simple project )

In this age of INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, we see all kind of large screen displays like PLASMA, LCD TV, Projection TV,surprisingly non of them is MADE IN INDIA having such a vast market.There is no dedicated infrastructure available to make them either so far,due to uncertain market trend and lack of related feedbacks. Making PLASMA displays and Large size LCD displays, require very huge investments with other supply supports for various inputs. Even the simplest of them, PROJECTION TV needs dedicated inputs like projection engine, special very short throw projection lens,Optical rear projection screen,front surface mirrors,tailor made cabinets,speakers electronics,remote etc.

Projection TV also available of two varieties, outdated 3 gun video based and current LCD or DLP engine based. These are again single mirror or two mirrors system to reduce projection distance inside to make cabinet quite compact. Earlier 3 gun video projection based are VIDEO only with very narrow viewing zone.The current range of 60" LCD/DLP based projection displays are also quite expensive(costing Rs.3.0 lakhs) like from SAMSUNG etc.but are multimedia since you can connect your PC, cable TV or any Video source with built in TV tuner. With mass production these days,basic LCD/DLP projectors with 1400-2000 ANSI lumens have become quite affordable and are being widely used for education, training ,marketing and entetainment purpose every where.

To make large screen projection TV say, 60" DGNL screen size (36"x48"), we need one high quality projection engine,high quality optical rear projection screen(like fresnel/lenticular or diffusion type), high quality front surface coated mirrors and other supporting hardwares, electronics etc.All these required inputs are not readily available in the local Indian market and there is no original manufacturer either but still there is a way out , now possible with sincere efforts of Mr Suresh Kumar Garg,(gargsk@supervu.net) who is PIONEER in India for Projection TV since 1978. offering a localised solution with 100% guaranteed results.

It is possible to make very high quality(better than most plasma displays and Projection TVs available in the Indian market) 60" MULTIMEDIA PROJECTION TV by students of any engineering college,university college, technical institute,IIT or any technical college by using existing LCD projector with horizontal shape and decent 1400-2000 ANSI lumens brightness, manual zoom/ focus lens (standard or short throw type) and certainly with cordless full function remote control.Using two mirrors method with smaller size front surface mirror (can be made available ) and large size good quality looking mirror(readily available all over India) it is possible to make 60" Projection TV within a very compact depth of 26" approx and the total cost of the project will be less than One Lakh rupees plus your existing LCD projector and other readily available electronics hardwares like DVD players, Cable TV tuners. PC etc.(All these equipments can be installed/ removed whenever req uired. RESULTS ARE GUARANTEED.

In an engineering institute, our next gen future engineers will be exposed to local designing,low cost manufacturing their own system, system integretion, and the SATISFACTION of making their OWN SYSTEM with the world class projection quality. This can be made as STANDALONE, In Wall, On Wall,On Wheels models with other options. You will require following items as under:-

INTENSAA … optical rigid rear projection screen with microlens matte anti glare washable screen surface, over six gain, with widest horizontal/vertical viewing zones… available in India. (www.supervu.net)

Supporting metal frame can be fabricated locally using readily available suitable size steel angles sections.

Front surface coated mirror (small size,10" x12") and large size looking mirror like MODIGUARD or SAINT GOBAIN available all over India.

Some wooden cabinet design work to be done to your own taste or requirement.

Almost all multimedia projectors have min. 1 data and 2 video inputs so you can connect DVD player,Cable TV tuner,PC by keeping them inside to make it complete MULTIMEDIA CENTRE.You can easily change over from DVD to Cable TV or Data projection using projector remote control.

This project is designed keeping in mind our next Gen Engineers from various Engineering, Technical Institutes, Universities, it Institutes who will be proud to make their own such display system in their own Institute with their own designs and not for commercial purpose. After completing such prestigious project their job prospectus also improves considerably. This kit can be reused for next batch of students also. For full details contact:

Have the pleasure of making your own world class 60" multimedia projection TV

How about making it touch screen with interactive screen surface later

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