Portable Multimedia Projection Monitor

World’s First, India’s Pride!!!!

Smart Vision projection display is fitted with 40” dgnl high gain rear projection Intensaa, screen with over six gain, fitted inside a fully moulded folding hosing with built in folding reflecting optical grade mirror to fold the Projection Path and reducing the projection distance to half. When folded the whole package is mere 3” thick and 33” x 35”, weighing approx. 6-7 kgs absolutely portable and easy to erect anywhere within few minutes on table. When used with any existing new generation portable (or future such) LCD/DLP projector having 1000 ANSI lumens onwards, keyston correction, this provides daylight displays in both data and video…

Most Compact LCD/DLP projections models (1,000 - 1,400 ANSI lumens) preferably with wide-angle projection lens are highly recommended. With build in 20 watt amplified stereo speakers system, inputs for audio, collar mike etc. this is an all new portable way of screen, this can meet many solutions which were not possible earlier. Most people already having LCD/DLP projections will find it highly useful for on the spot presentations in most lighting conditions. With possibility of upgradation with many add ons in future, this will not be outdated.

Smart vision 40" is available in three variants

1) Basic Model with Daylight Intensaa 40" DGNL screen.

2) Smart Vision A/V is fitted with 20walt amplifier with 1 Mike 1 Aux Inputs, built in dual speakers for making presentation anywhere.

3) Smart Vision Pro similar to above, fitted with full black colour folding bellows for Professional Presenters, suitable for Trade Fairs, Exhibitions, Show Rooms, Class Rooms, unique display will outshine all Plasma displays.