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Recognizing that very often, transmitting a video signal through traditional cables can at times be a challenging exercise, Pegasus Wireless Corporation has set-out to solve this problem. Whether it is a simple VGA cable replacement for a projector in a conference room to a digital video surveillance camera in the middle of nowhere, Pegasus Wireless Corporation can provide a solution.

The largest unknown in laying out a conference room is pulling the VGA cable. Pegasus Wireless Corporation's WiJET family of products offers a solution. By allowing a projector or display to connect wirelessly takes away this unknown making installations a breeze.

Another common video issue has to do with surveillance. Whether one is trying to place a camera where there is no video access, or if someone is concerned that the video cable may be cut, Pegasus Wireless Corporation's solutions can provide an answer. Between our short distance products that can cover a small campus to our long-range products capable of covering 20 miles, Pegasus Wireless Corporation offers a way to connect surveillance products together.

Pegasus Wireless Corporation makes your video connection problems go away!